Face Masks ..... Your Skin Health Benefits

With absolutely no exaggeration, if you’re a face mask regular, then you’ll agree that sheet masks changed our skincare care routines forever.  Gone were the days of your mud mask staining your towels or worse still rubbing off on your clothes!  The protective shield that was created by the sheet also ensured deeper penetration of the ingredients, giving us totally perfect skin.
Fast forward to now and prepare to step up your skincare game again because there’s a new mask in town.
Dubbed “the best face mask trend you can’t miss out on” (www.wishtrendglam.com) and the “beefed up version of sheet masks” (www.stylecaster.com), rubber masks or ‘modeling masks’ are our latest, innovative skincare product that deliver amazing benefits to your skin.  
Modeling masks have been a Korean salon staple for over 10 years but they’re now available in convenient, easy to use at-home packs.  The formulas include alginate, an ingredient derived from kelp which congeals (or thickens) when in contact with water.  When the paste congeals, it turns rubbery, so now when you apply your mask it won’t drip or slip. 

Penetration is enhanced – so those wonderful ingredients sink in extra-deep. Rubber masks create an occlusive barrier that seals in nutrients and prevents them from evaporating, essentially ‘force-feeding’ the skin beneficial ingredients.  The heavy layer prevents any evaporation, unlike sheet masks that don’t bind to the skin as firmly.  Rubber masks are better at clarifying, toning pores and deep cleansing the skin than sheet masks as it is a form of ‘peel off’ mask – but without the irritation, pulling or drying.

If its been a while since you treated yourself and applied a face mask then now is the time to schedule in that at-home spa treatment.  It is the perfect way to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate your mind whilst boosting your skins’ appearance – and who wouldn’t want that.